University of Sheffield, Friday 30th June 2017

This free hands-on workshop facilitated by Andrew Walsh ( will examine how games and play can help us teach the more numerical parts of the bioscience curriculum. This day is aimed at everyone involved in teaching these subjects in Higher Education settings; post-docs and PhD students with an interest in teaching are also very welcome. Participants will reflect on elements of game design and on how non-digital games could be integrated into their own practice, before having the chance to prototype an educational game of their own.

PoLNet2, the second phase of an EPSRC (and now BBSRC) Grand Challenge research theme on the Physics of Life (PoL), commenced in 2017.  Its aims are to shape research programmes, new topics, and continue to grow interdisciplinary connections at the Biology-Physics interface in a sustainable way.

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To apply for a bursary to attend the IUPAB/EBSA/BBS/IoP Congress in EDINBURGH 2017, (, please send to our meeting secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), your cv, supervisor details (name, email and web page), estimate of costs (include registration fee which will form part of the bursary award) and your abstract for the congress. Deadline for applications 24 March 2017. To join the BBS to be eligible for a bursary and get reduced registration fee, please see here ( You can apply for a Bursary if your membership application is pending.

10 NEW STUDENT BURSARIES FROM THE WELLCOME TRUST/BBS HAVE BECOME AVAILABLE FOR THE 2017 EDINBURGH CONGRESS. Please contact our meeting secretary (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to apply. Deadline for applications 24 March 2017.

Barcelona, 15-18 January 2017.

The contents of the workshop are organized under the umbrella of a few selected themes which all share the underlying playground of nonequilibrium physics which is at the core of living matter. Topics will include

  • Physical principles of mechanochemical networks: new challenges for soft matter physics
  • Systems biology and self-organization: from active matter to cells and tissues
  • Stochastic thermodynamics: from single molecules to complex machinery
  • Physics of biological evolution: from the second law to the selection of structures